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Windsocks; How They Work
Boom Arm Windsocks:

Windsocks of the boom arm variety are easy to remove and replace. This only needs a one handed operation. The windsock is simply clipped on by means of a single snap-hook and this literally, takes only a few seconds.

In the boom arm configuration, there is no restriction to size at all, so any combination of length and diameter of windsock can be easily fitted to the same boom, leaving you free to choose and change the size of windsock to suit your requirements.

Flyrite windsocks are designed to stay filled with air throughout their arc of operation. This means that the whole windsock will be more visible at all times and become a steady indicator as the wind gusts and changes direction.

Its smooth intake of air means that a Flyrite windsock is less susceptible to the devastating effects of Whip-lash which can destroy a windsock. Customer feed back suggests that Flyrite windsocks have lasted many years, 24 hrs a day getting a good pounding from the elements, without shredding. Flyrite Windsocks carry a 12 month Guarantee against shredding.

It is easy to get a good indication of wind speed by simple observation. By comparing the angle of the windsock to a datum such as the ground or the windsock mast, a good estimate of wind speed can be achieved. Flyrite windsocks are calibrated and each one is accompanied with a wind speed chart.

A correctly designed and balanced windsock will give you the service that is required for your safety.
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Frame type windsocks:

These windsocks are more difficult to remove and replace. They are either roped or laced onto the frame or special clips are used. This can take time to achieve properly.

This type of windsock must fit the swivel frame for which it is designed and therefore, you are restricted to only one size of windsock per mast, which is fixed by the size of the swivel frame.

Frame type windsocks fill with air unevenly. Although the main opening faces the wind, as the wind enters the windsock, the windsock has a tendency to ‘roll out’ and is only completely filled with air at maximum wind speed. It is very difficult to judge wind speed with any degree of accuracy, therefore, this configuration is best suited where wind speed is not an issue.

As the wind speed changes and gusts, the windsock rolls in and out. This continuous action has the potential to weaken the fabric, and when the wind produces a very strong gust, the windsock will roll out very quickly and ‘flick’ or ‘snap’ the exit (small end) of the windsock violently, this is called whip-lash. It is this sudden whip-lashing action that can cause a windsock to fail.
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Empirical point of failure due to constant rubbing on the frame.
Empirical point of failure due to whip-lashing effect.
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