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Privacy Policy and PayPal payment terms: (Applies from 08/2012)

Flyrite will not disclose your address/email details to any other party no matter what the circumstances.The only reason that your address/email details are required is so that we can send your requested products to you. We may use your address and email to inform you of any up and coming offers from Flyrite only.

The ‘log in’ process of at the PayPal payment point is an added feature of security. Once you have entered your details, these will be used to send your goods to you. You will only ever have to do this once so that the next time that you purchase anything from Flyrite, you will only have to enter your email and password. This will make all future transactions much quicker and safer.

Your credit card details are not kept on record by Flyrite, they are used only to process your payments by PayPal. Credit card payments to Flyrite can only be made using the PayPal service. If we have negotiated a special price with you, we will send you a PayPal invoice which you can also pay by credit or debit card. A Flyrite headed invoice will be sent with the goods.

PayPal is a very secure way of paying for goods on the Internet, if not the most secure. PayPal is used extensively by many organisations and comes highly recommended as being the most secure payment system to use in conjunction with the Internet payments. You can use almost any credit, debit or switch card to make a payment with PayPal.

Ordering by Post - Terms are Strictly Payment with Order:

You may apply for an order form to be emailed to you or you can send your details together with your payment. It is important that you include: The Goods That You Want, Your Name, Address, Telephone Number and email address. Your telephone number is needed in case we have to use a courier or should we need to contact you for some reason. Couriers will not accept a consignment without a telephone number or the name of a contact. It’s probably for the drivers benefit should he/she get lost. We need your email for non urgent communication.

Flyrite does not accept credit cards by telephone.

Flyrite will accept company cheques. In some circumstances, goods will not be dispatched until cleared funds are received. However, after successful trading this may be waived at the discretion of Flyrite.


Windsock Guarantee: 12 months Guarantee on all Flyrite windsocks: The windsocks can be left outside 24/7, however, to prolong their high visibility it is advisable to take them down when they are not in use. It is advisable that licensed aerodromes, change their windsocks within a 12 month period so that their high visibility is maintained.

Weather conditions: 12 months Guarantee against shredding provided that the wind is not above Gale Force Seven, 28 - 33 knots, in any one day and only occasionally gusting up to 40 knots, as an absolute maximum. Should the windsock become shredded within 12 months it must be returned for inspection and if the deterioration is found to be the fault of Flyrite, the customer (you) would be entitled to a full refund or a replacement windsock. Limitations: Shredded by wind and definitely not reindeer attack or any other animal attack, bramble bushes, barbed wire fences, hurricanes or tornados etc.

Guarantee limitations: Gale force 7 = 28 - 33 knots = 32 - 38 mph = 51 - 60 kph. Gusting to 40 knots = 46 mph = 74 kph as a Guaranteed maximum.

Flyrite will not take responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the use of their windsocks nor any act of nature up on them beyond that for which they were intended. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their windsocks are installed in a safe manner and it must be understood that the instructions contained herein, and those with the windsocks, are intended as a guide only.

Mast lifetime Guarantee: (Applies from 2012). This applies to the Stainless Steel Mast Kit only and all components that make up the mast. This is a normal use guarantee against poor manufacture; it does not cover accidental vehicular damage, storms, lightning strike or any other extreme force of nature such as hurricanes and tornados and definitely not reindeer attack or attack by any other animal for that matter. If in any doubt please give us a call - contact details at the bottom of this page.

Refunds: All goods shown in this web site carry a 30 day no quibble refund, providing that they are returned in new and unused condition. Damage, no matter how slight will invalidate the full refund. Apart from windsocks, return postage must be borne by the customer (you) and will not be refunded.

Postage Refund - windsocks only: In the case of premature shredding, we ask for your Flyrite windsocks to be returned to us, so that we can inspect them and ascertain where and how they can be improved. We will arrange collection by courier or send you a pre-paid package for your convenience UK only or EU dealer.

Flyrite will only refund up to the same cost of postage as the original cost to Flyrite or the cost to you whichever be the lesser. Original Proof (not a copy) of the cost of postage must be provided to Flyrite for the postage refund to be accepted.

Free deliveries to UK on all Flyrite windsocks: All free deliveries will be dispatched using the most economical postage available to Flyrite or depending on the arrangement between the customer (you) and Flyrite. Flyrite will generally use Parcel Force 48 or 48 hour courier. Where possible, second class post will be used. However, at the discretion of Flyrite, 24 courier service or first class post may be used. For guaranteed or next day delivery please call +44(0)1323 743161

Pay by BACS - Flyrite bank details: When using BACS please email us with details of the product that you have purchased and PLEASE don’t forget your name, address and telephone number.

Account name: MR T Tutaj T/AS Flyrite. Account No: 7718506. Sort Code: 09-01-27.

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Please note: Flyrite is not VAT registered and therefore, VAT is not charged
Please note: Flyrite is not VAT registered and therefore, VAT is not charged
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