Aviation windsocks, Industrial windsocks and commercial windsocks manufactured by Flyrite Windsocks of Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 8NS UK.
Petro-Chem industry are our largest customers.
Flyrite windsock manufacturer of Aviation windsock, Industrial windsock, Airport windsock, Commercial windsock.
Flyrite Eastbourne based company manufacture the world’s No. 1 Windsock.
Flyrite have customers world wide.
Airport Windsock - made with care - made to last!
The best windsock you’ll ever buy or your money back - Guaranteed!
Windsocks for Airports Guaranteed for 12 months at a price that will put a smile on your face.
Commercial Windsock made for the construction industry.
Commercial windsocks for Airports and Aerodromes.
Airport Windsocks
Industrial Windsock
Windsock manufacturers form Eastbourne United Kingdom.
We supply Windsocks world wide.

Flyrite Windsock

31 Penrith Way


East Sussex

BN23 8NS

Tel: 0044 (0)1323 743161

Eastbourne based manufacturer of:
Windsocks for airports
Windsocks for airfields
Windsocks for aerodromes
Windsocks for heli-pads
Windsocks for oil platforms
Windsocks for oil rigs
Windsocks for wind monitoring
Windsocks for bridges and roads
Windsocks for coastguard
Windsocks for para-gliders
Windsocks for para-motors
Windsocks for micro-lights
Windsocks for general aviation
Windsocks for aviation
Windsocks for industrial use
Windsocks for commercial use
Windsocks for hang gliders
Windsocks for International airports
Windsocks for world distribution
Windsocks for major airports
Windsocks for Heathrow airport
Windsocks for Gatwick airport
Windsocks for hangars
Windsocks for weather stations
Windsocks for EU
Windsocks for USA
Windsocks for UK
12 months Guaranteed windsocks
Extra strong windsocks
Universal windsocks
International Orange windsocks
Striped windsocks
Red and White windsocks
Windsocks for Fire and Rescue
Windsocks for Police
Windsocks for Ambulance
Windsocks for skydiving
Windsocks for parachuting
Windsocks for gliding
Windsocks for gliders

If you have a use for a windsock, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the windsock that you desire from our selection and it will be with you next day if ordered am, or the day after if ordered after am.

Every windsock is made to the highest standards and is manufactured to give you the service that you need.

Windsock Manufacturer
Phone: +44 (0)1323 743161
e-mail: info@flyritewindsocks.co.uk 
Aviation and Industrial
Windsocks; How They Work - This page will help you decide which type of windsock is best for you!
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Remember  -  FREE Delivery to Anywhere in the UK 
12 Months Guarantee Against Shredding!
windsock prices windsock prices Bespoke windsocks:
Flyrite windsocks are used in Aviation, Petrochemical refineries and exploration, Sewage plants, Coast Guard, Bridges, Roads etc. Some industries have special requirements and have windsocks made to suit their specific needs. Whatever your windsock speciality Flyrite is waiting to help you.
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Check Suitability
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), does not approve windsocks - FULL STOP - There is no approval process.
They simply recommend that, a windsock should be of contrasting colours to the background in which it is to be installed so that, it is easily visible, within its surrounding area, from all directions. There is no stipulation as to colour, size or manufacture quality etc. In the CAA CAP 168 there is a suggestion of sizes for licensed aerodromes, however, it is only a suggestion NOT LAW. Having spoken with the CAA, they have suggested that approval may eventually come to windsocks in the form of an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approval, but there is no such thing as yet.
If you are in any doubt, please give us a call and we’ll be very pleased to help you.
CAA Approval:
What better test do you need?
As a direct result of excellent feedback from our customers, we are pleased to offer you a 12 month Guarantee against shredding on our full range of windsocks. Should your Flyrite windsock become shredded from normal use - Gale Force 7 gusting to 40 knots, within 12 months, you will get a no risk, no quibble, refund or replacement.
In the unlikely event of premature shredding, we ask for your Flyrite windsocks to be returned to us, so that we can inspect them and ascertain how and where they can be improved. We will arrange collection by courier or send you a pre-paid package for your convenience. See our returns policy.
12 Months Guarantee - In a Nut Shell:
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Flyrite have customers in locations all over the world including: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Siberia, Sweden, Africa, Argentina and Mexico to name but a few. These places have some of the most hostile weather systems on our planet. What better test do you need to demonstrate that your Flyrite windsocks will give you the service that you are looking for no matter how severe the weather?

At Flyrite Windsocks we don’t skimp on our choice of materials; what you get is the latest, toughest fabric – PU (Polyurethane) Reinforced Polyester High visibility, High Strength fabric that WILL NOT ROT OR FREEZE, and ropes that will not damage your equipment yet are so strong that they can support 300 kg each and will comfortably outlast the life of your windsock.
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