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Tested to destruction !
Think of a Caption for this photo and every 6 months the best caption wins a 1.4 metre windsock or the price difference equivalent off a larger one. Please email your ideas to the address above and put “Windsocks Caption” in the subject line.
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There are many ways to test the strength of a windsock. Here’s one way:
 Hang a windsock that is too long for the mast.
 Wait in hiding until an angry Mr Deer attacks the windsock with his  antlers (in the case above, approximately 8 months).
 Watch as Mr Deer destroys the windsock and as above, the  mast  as  well.
 Inspect the windsock to ascertain the order of destruction  (couldn’t here because Mr Deer ran off with it).
The above test proves that Flyrite windsocks are very strong, made to last and can take a pounding. The deer ripped fabric of the windsock, damaged the swivel and broke the swivel arm. He was seen approximately a week later, head held high, still proudly carrying a part his Flyrite windsock. This was a Flyrite 12 ft (3.6 metre) windsock manufactured to CAA CAP 168 recommendations.
A replacement swivel was supplied together with a smaller windsock.
Please Note : When choosing a windsock, make sure that your mast can suspend it at least 2 metres clear of the ground and any obstacles such as barbed wire fences and bramble bushes etc, but preferably 3 metres, especially where angry deer are free to roam. See guarantee limitations.
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