Portable Windsock Pole/Portable Mast.

This portable windsock mast or windsock pole is fully collapsible in one simple action, and is stored in its own carry bag.

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Photo of Portable windsock mast
Portable windsock Mast
Portable Mast for windsocks
Windsock pole
Flyrite, manufacturers of Portable windsock masts, stainless steel windsock mast kits, have been manufacturing windsocks and related accessories for over ten years.
The portable windsock mast is manufactured from aluminium and is very light. At only 5.8 kg, it won’t break your back when carried in its shoulder bag.
The portable mast will extend up to 3.2 metres. It is very easy to erect; simply slide it up to the required height and lock in position, push the safety pins in and that’s it.
The portable mast can be either pegged down when on a soft surface or steadied with a water weight on hard standing such as concrete or tarmac surface. (Water weight optional extra).
A 1 metre high visibility orange windsock is included in the set together with pegs mallet and a post level to make sure that you erect it upright.
portable mast

Black powder coated Aluminium Mast and collapsible tripod

Aluminium Swivel with Stainless Steel Bearing (1)

Height Adjustment Clamps (2)

Height Adjustment Locking Pins - for extra safety (2)

Fully Adjustable Legs - for positioning on uneven ground (3)

Post Level - to make sure that you get it upright (4)

Pegs and Mallet - to ensure stability (5)

Extends from 1.5 metres to 3.2 metres

Very easy and quick to erect

Light and easy carry in its own carrying bag (Weighs only 5.8 kg) (6)

Dimensions in its carrying bag 130 x 15 x 19 cm approximately.

Simple to follow instructions.
Please Note: This mast is not suitable for permanent outdoor installation.
Windsock pole
Windsock mast
What you get:
This is a Fully Collapsible, Telescopic and Portable Windsock Mast of aluminium construction. It is so easy to erect that you should have it flying your windsock over 3 metres high in a couple of minutes.
At only 5.8 kg (as packed in its carrying bag (6)) it won’t break your back even if you have to carry it a long way or you could simply keep it at the flying site or in the hangar ready to use whenever you need it.
It can be used at any site where a temporary solution to wind direction monitoring is required such as Paragliding, Construction Sites, Sailing Clubs Private Air-strips, Sewage & Chemical Plants and many other uses.
Windsock Manufacturer
Phone: +44 (0)1323 743161
e-mail: info@flyritewindsocks.co.uk 
Portable Telescopic Windsock Mast
Main Features:
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Portable Windsock Mast




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Windsock pole
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