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Stainless Steel Windsock Mast Kit Guaranteed For LIFE!
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All Stainless Steel Windsock Mast Kit Guaranteed for life
Manufactured from 316 (A4) high grade stainless steel, it is suitable for use even in salty costal applications. It features a swing-down arrangement for easy windsock removal and replacement.
The base is set in concrete which is a job that can be done by any competent DIY person. A post level is supplied with the kit so that it is easy to install it upright. Full easy to understand instructions are included with the kit.
The four section mast simply slots together and is positioned on the base unit by means of two pins. One pin is permanently locked in place whilst the other can be removed to allow the mast to be swung down for easy windsock changes.
The all stainless steel swivel and boom arm incorporates a grease packed and sealed stainless Steel bearing that is Guaranteed for the life of the mast.
This mast will fly your windsock over 6 metres from the ground and is suitable for use with all sizes of Flyrite windsock.
A short kit is also available without the swing-down base. You simply remove a couple of sections to replace the windsock. This will fly your windsock approximately 5 metres from the ground.
Guaranteed for life means just that -

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Mast Kit

You will never have to worry about a broken or rusty Windsock Mast again !
You will never have to pay for a single replacement part of this windsock mast. It will be supplied to you FREE OF CHARGE! 
(Conditions apply)

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You can also pay over the phone at +44 (0)1323 743161 between 9:30 am & 2:00 pm.
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